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Decision Time in Ukraine

Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych is expected back from "sick Leave" today; and with his return a decision is needed forthwith to end the stalemate between the government and  western aspiring Ukrainians. Once he sits before his nation, Yanukovych will have no excuses not to adhere to protesters and the opposition, for if money is his slave to Russia, then a solution is available; because talks between the United States(US) and the European Union(EU) have considered a big loan to ease financial concerns in Ukraine so that the nation need not prostrate itself before Russia. The BBC reports that the aid package would be conditional on embracing real reforms and a real transition. US Secretary of State John Kerry discussed such a package with EU's Foreign Policy Chief, Catherine Ashton, this past weekend at the NATO security summit in Munich, Germany. So, the time has come for Yanukovych to act in the best interests and  for the true aspirations of Ukrainians. A decision should come by Tuesday when parliament meets to consider constitutional questions aimed at limiting the president's powers. To freedom for Ukraine! 

In Spain...

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Madrid over the weekend to demonstrate against draft legislation that would limit the rights of women to have abortions. The drafted law, backed by the Spanish government, would curtail abortions to cases of rape and instances where the health of a mother is at serious risk. Current law permits abortions by any woman in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. The Spanish legislature would want to tread carefully with such controversial changes during a time when tensions are rising within Spain against a backdrop of an unemployment rate greater that 25 percent.

In Russia...

Also this weekend, thousands of Russians took to the streets of Moscow in demonstrations against President Vladimir Putin. Protesters called for the release of 20 people from Russian jails remanded there since the eve of Putin's third inauguration in 2012. The 20 anti-Putin detainees were arrested following clashes with Russian police. During the street protest on Sunday in Moscow, some protesters carried the Ukrainian flag, in solidarity with protesters in Ukraine.

In Syria...

The Assad regime has again barrel bomb its citizens. Some 90 people, mostly civilians, were killed in the northern city of Aleppo on Saturday by Syrian government air raids upon the city. There needs to be a western government military response and solution to the Syrian war. Diplomacy and chemical weapons agreements certainly have not worked. Now is the time to yield Assad for the sake of the Syrian children.

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