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December Enters

A neighbor, now age-94, has often invited me to gaze to the sky: "Beautiful isn't it?", she would observe. "Look at those clouds," she would proclaim looking to the heavens over Washington, DC. For many years, out of respect for her, I would cordially obliged by responding with a haphazard "Yes". 

Recently, as I too have gotten on in age, I now more than ever before do recognize the admiration and the appreciation of my neighbor with the heavens. We are all a blessed people. 

However, often in too many places and among too many people, distractions via conflict, business, schedule, economic and environmental concerns, do force individuals to miss the things that have been granted to us that are present every day for our sustenance and enjoyment.

Thus, on the premise that change is perpetual and always possible, December enters offering hope, happiness and merriment and a revealed conclusion about possible things to come, while denoting an end to a year, which could signify the end of the troubles of many people.

December offers the opportunity for the children of Syria and of Yemen to reclaim their conflict-stolen childhoods. December holds out hope to all the displaced people including the slaves of Libya and the Rohingya people of Myanmar, to ameliorate their conditions. December offers hope to an end to divisive polarizing actions that could brew even more conflicts. 

Yet, December also offers a likelihood of true peace, goodwill and prosperity to all humanity. Here's to December's happiness, liberty and countless possibilities.

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