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Death along the Road - Rohingyas Die in a Scramble for Aid

A Rohingya woman and two children died Friday in a stampede for aid along a road in Bangladesh close to a refugee camp where the persecuted people have been amassing in unprecedented numbers fleeing the Myanmar army.

These new deaths and continued suffering of the Rohingya people, are indicative of the desperation they face, after being rooted from their homes by Myanmar's army, which has carried out ethnic cleansing atrocities against the Muslim sect.

As reported by CNN earlier today, the dead woman and two children met their demise as many refugees rushed for aid, including clothing, tossed from trucks along a road by humanitarian agencies near the Kutupalong refugee camp. 

Some 409,000 Rohingyas have now sought refuge in Bangladesh since August 25 when the Burmese army launched new attacks upon the group. Poor Bangladesh is on the verge of a humanitarian crisis as vast numbers of Rohingyas amass there. Bangladesh's feeble infrastructure will soon become strained with the influx of growing numbers of refugees.

However, to combat such forthcoming pressures and strains, the international community must insist that the Rohingya people be protected and that Myanmar respects the existence of these people and their rights to survive within their ancestral homes and communities.

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