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Deal or No Deal with Iran - a Gallant Diplomatic Effort to Curb Nuclear Weapons

As the deadline nears for an agreement between six World Powers and Iran on that country's nuclear capability, whether or not a deal is finally realized, one thing remains certain of which history must duly note: that on a mountain in Switzerland and in other serene locations across Europe, a group of diplomats gallantly tried to curb the spread of nuclear weapons.

And despite concerted malicious efforts by some to spoil the negotiations, it happened that in this 2015, the lasting civility of humankind was exhibited at Lausanne, when men and women sat in effort, to broker an element of the greater spectrum of issues contributing to international stability and security.

However, come tomorrow, there remains that probability that the gallant efforts of peaceful persuasion through negotiations, could become rattled by other evolving issues on the world stage. Yet, from Lausanne to Geneva, to London, to Paris, to Washington and to Berlin, it must be duly noted, respected and recorded that humankind did try at peace - that civil humankind did try to curb nuclear weaponry, research, development and possession. 

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