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Deadline in Ukraine

Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych returned yesterday from his elusive policy and decision-making "sick leave". He quickly discovered that the same pressing matters he had left on the table with respect to the future of his country are still before him. His decisions are needed to avert possible civil war within Ukraine. At the time of posting this Blog, it was afternoon in Kiev and the sitting Parliament was not making any headway into resolving the affairs of Ukraine regarding the assertion by thousands to align closer to the European Union rather than Russia. Opposition MPs are calling for constitutional changes that would limit the powers of the president and give greater control of the government to the people through parliament. The opposition also calls for new elections to regain the people's trust. The president's party in parliament is accusing the opposition of being irresponsible and it warned of consequences should the present conflict remain.  Opposition leader, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who turned down the Prime Minister's job last week, said Ukraine needed a return to the 2004 constitution which would "cancel the dictatorial authority of the president and transfer the right of governing the country to the Ukrainian people". To add to the difficulties of the matters facing Ukraine, president Yanukovych's party walked out of parliament when some opposition MPs accused them as being "murderers". Some six people have died so far in Ukraine's struggle for westernization. So such is the state of affairs as the decision deadline nears for action with regards to Ukraine's future.

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