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Damage to the Integrity of Asylum Seekers - the Alleged Migrant 'Wilding' on New Year's Eve in Colog

The integrity of the presumed innocence of asylum seekers petitioning for humanitarian relief in foreign lands has been severely damaged by the New Year's Eve mass sexual assault and robbery, of some 100 women in Cologne, Germany, by gangs of men including asylum seekers.

Reports are that hordes of women at the main train terminal in Cologne, were forced to run through a gauntlet of drunken obscene reveling men on New Year's eve, where many of them were sexually assaulted and/or robbed. Leaked files suggest that the number of incidents on that particular night were many and overwhelmed Cologne police. 

Of 31 suspects detained by police thus far, 18 are said to be asylum seekers of Arab and North African backgrounds. Though no asylum seekers have been official charged or found guilty of the crimes, the alleged involvement of any refugee in such a crime would obviously damaged the integrity and the sincerity of future asylum cases petitioned before the German government. Therefore, any participation of any migrant in such a crime must be condemned.

The Cologne police chief has been fired over the incident and the humanitarian government of Chancellor Angela Merkel, which took in 1.1 million migrants in 2015, is now forced to propose a new policy to deport "serial offenders" from among the migrant populations in Germany.

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