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Could Communists Censor the "Free and the Brave"?

In lieu of any diplomatic prize, no matter how big, Washington must never ever yield, in any which way form, fashion or manner, perceived or implied, to any censorship from Beijing. America, just in case the communists have forgotten, is still the "Home of the Free and Home of the Brave": the home of Washington, of Jefferson, of Lincoln, of Roosevelt, of Kennedy, of  Reagan, of Clinton, of Obama; of democracy, of free will, of human dignity and of respect. At 12:18 this morning, Reuters ran the headline: China urges Obama to cancel meeting with Dalai Lama; and in the article, Reuters referenced a statement from Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying, about President Barack Obama's meeting today with the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader: "The United States' arrangement for its leader to meet the Dalai  would be a gross interference in China's internal affairs and is a serious violation of the norms of international relations." OMG! Seriously! Of what spiked-egotistical 'kool-aid' concoction are the Chinese drinking? Is this what current affairs has come to? That China, having seen many Westerners prostrate before Beijing for economic deals and hand outs, would think for a second; that it, could control the actions of this great democracy - the stalwart of freedoms, of human dignity and of respect? Pinch me please, somebody, anybody. The Chinese spokeswoman further proclaimed: "It will seriously damage Sino-US relations. We urge the United States to take seriously China's concerns, immediately cancel plans for the US leader to meet the Dalai, do not facilitate and provide a platform for Dalai's anti-China separatist activities in the United States."  China, wanting to censor the freedoms of this country, is a scary episode. Should this great United States of America, ever cease being a platform for freedoms and for democracy, would amount to a day of our own demise, and of a moral challenge as to our testimony as the place of that beacon of light to the entire world to look upon for examples of freedom and democracy. As Reuters further reported, a senior Chinese official threatened this week that foreign leaders who meet the Dalai Lama should "pay a price "; wow! Enough is enough! Does China possess such a low esteem and respect of the United States? Does China consider the US  as one of the ASEAN nations it could rough up and influence at will and whim? I believe that China and others have abused the gentlemanly nature, the caution, the respect, the kindness, the civility, the peace-desiring character and the fairness of this 44th President of the United States. I, however,  caution detractors not to assume the afore mentioned qualities as weaknesses. This is civil America, and our Commander-in-Chief acts according with a leadership equal to none. Our President acts by American standards; not by Chinese, not by Russian, not by Syrian, not by Iranian, but by democratic standards and  by Constitutional means to promote democracy and to preserve US National Security  within the scope of International law. 

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