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Corruption Weakens the Republic

Corruption and those corrupted, who govern, will weaken any Republic, thus exposing the nation's national security to the same dangers posed by direct warfare. Moreover, and even more damning to the Republic, is the utilization of corruption to ascend to power within the sovereignty.

When corruption is used to gain power within the Republic, it maintains a clear and present danger over the Republic until all elements of such corruption are eradicated from governance. 

Corruption and the illegality that it entailed to gain power within a Republic, will inevitable fester under a culture of corruption. Illegality built upon any initial illegalities will always pose a material threat to the honor and sovereignty of the Republic. 

Therefore, corruption before the assumption of power and any subsequent corruption, including any and all efforts to disguise the initial corruption, are impeachable offenses that demand immediate review and actions since such crimes impact the national security and well being of the Republic.

The Republic must be made whole and free of any weaknesses and influences to its sovereign integrity. And since no man nor woman is greater than the Republic, it remains in the best interest and protection of the Republic that any and all traces of corruption of governance, be removed forthwith.

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