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Constitutional Questions Raised Amid Attempts to Restrict Immigration

Any Executive Order signed by the new White House, in Washington, DC, which seeks to limit immigration based upon religion and upon country of origin, clearly raises questions as to the constitutionality of any such order.

Moreover, any such order from the new administration that seeks to single out any religious sect for preferential treatment over another, should be interpreted as running amok of the Establishment Clause of the Constitution and should be held as unconstitutional for running a foul of the First Amendment.

That the United States(US) Congress has passed laws prohibiting discrimination of individuals based upon religion and upon country of origin, should clearly affirm the intent of the Legislative Branch that any action or attempt to bypass what has historically by established, must be held as illegal.

Therefore, recent Executive Orders by the new White House that single out narrowly specific countries and the Muslim religion for special action in regards to US immigration and refugee settlement, must be held to be against the spirit of America and the US Constitution.

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