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Consequences of the Failure to Liberate the World's Displaced Children

Deeply concerned and mindful of the plight and of the ramifications of millions of the world's children effected by conflicts and crises, yesterday on My Blog, I offered A Children's Prayer. Later in the afternoon while scanning news headlines of the world, I saw an Associated Press(AP) exclusive report titled: In an IS training camp, children told: Behead the doll.

In the AP report written by Zeina Karam and Bram Janssen, it revealed the practice of the extremist group the Islamic State(IS) to indoctrinate captured children into the execution of violence through beheading -  first showing the children videos of actual beheading acts, then training the children to kill by performing the heinous acts upon dolls.

"It is part of a concerted effort by the extremists to build a new generation of militants," the report found from interviews conducted with residents who fled or still live under IS in Syria and Iraq. 

Therefore, it becomes more imperative that a renewed global effort be re-energized to liberate all displaced children. If the adage is true that children are the vanguard of all change in society, then it becomes doubly crucial that more be done to free and to ameliorate the dire affairs of the world's displaced children. 

Unprecedented violence, instability and anarchy are the stark consequences of the failure to liberate the world's displace children today. Hence, an end to the war in Syria, perpetrated by Bashar al Assad, would be a smart start to hedging against the decay of civility into bloody violence, chaos and lawlessness.  

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