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Condemnation of the Brussels Terror

The civil world stands today and has condemned yesterday's terror attacks on Brussels, Belgium. From the United States(US), to France, to Great Britain, to Italy, to France, to Canada and beyond, free people have condemned the cowardly acts upon the freedom and upon the tranquility of Belgium.

As the global community demonstrates solidarity with Belgium in the fight against terror and mourns the death of 30 and the injuring of some 250, it should be highlighted that alienation and under-investment are not necessary precursors to radicalization and terror. 

Terrorism remains a violent, selfish, cowardly- illness that is often delivered draped in fallible religious dogma that needs to be exacted from the health and the serenity of community. Weak excuses in-cooperating the reality of social and economic dwarfism of a particular class or classes of individuals in any society, can never be taken as sufficient as any logical argument to resort to terror upon the innocent. Hence, all terror and its perpetrators are bad and ill; therefore, all reminiscences of terror must be extracted from among the good and the civil and full condemnation given to the violence of the diseased terror entities.

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