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Condemnation of Terror at Manchester, England - Toward Eradication of Causes and Uses of Terror

That an apparent suicide bomber would elect to detonate an improvised bomb at a concert known to be crowded with young people, including many pre-teen and teens girls, clearly speaks heavily of the destructive and warped personalities of terrorists, their fallible ideology and their extremist thirst to violently end the lives of innocents persons, who are not connected in any way to the perpetrator's failings within society.

Manchester, England, must cope today with the shocking and horrifying deaths of 22 people, including at least one pre-teen girl and and another 18-year-old girl, cut down before the threshold of womanhood by an apparent suicide bomber last night, at Manchester Arena, following a concert by American Pop Star, Ariana Grande. Miss Grande is the icon of many pre and teen girls across the world and many were present in Manchester for her concert, when the terrorist detonated a suicide improvised bomb, laden with nuts and bolts, at about 10:35 p.m. British time.

Complete and utter condemnation of the heinous crime is hereby offered as the world community resolve to eradicate terrorism along with its causes and uses. 

British authorities know the unreleased identity of the apparent suicide bomber and they  have already moved to arrest another 23-year-old suspect in Manchester. Yet, many questions remain: Why? How? and Who else?

The international community stands with Manchester, England. All people, who are free, do hereby re-affirm their resolve not to be intimidated or be defeated by shameful cowardly terrorists and their tainted ideology. Good will always conquer evil and violence. Happiness and freedom must always win. Down with terrorism!

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