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Condemnation of Hungary's Mean-Spirited Treatment of Asylum-Seekers

Hungarian security forces fired tear gas and water cannon upon refugees yesterday, as some became angered and bewildered  and pelted police with stones because of Hungarian border crossings to points of freedom greater within Europe. 

United Nations(UN) Secretary General Ban Ki-moon decried the Hungarian treatment of asylum-seekers as "unacceptable", the BBC-News reported.

Furthermore, European Union(EU) Commissioner for migration, Dimitris Auromopoulos, rebuked the Hungarian action at a news conference with Hungary's foreign and interior ministers. Reuters reported that the EU migrant chief said most of the migrants are Syrian "in need of our help."

Underscoring the plight of the refugees, Commissioner Auromopoulos acknowledged: "There is no wall you would not climb, no sea you would not cross if you are fleeing violence and terror."

Thousands of asylum seekers had gathered at the Hungarian border with Serbia seeking passage through Hungary to more welcoming lands in Europe. But Hungary has erected razor-sharp fences and has deployed its security forces to impede the movement of migrants. 

Responding to Hungary's fences, the EU migrant chief said such impediments were temporary solutions that only diverted refugees and increased tensions. Today, thousands of asylum seekers are now amassing in Croatia as a transit point to more welcoming nations deeper within Europe.

Therefore the actions of Viktor Orban's Hungary must be rejected for they are rooted in Muslim-phobia of which Orban has admitted:"...if we let the Muslims into the continent to compete with us, they will out number us. It's mathematics. And we don't like it."

Orban's admission of his religious and cultural bias is indicative of emerging problems many refugees will face after re-settlement in Europe. Orban's Hungary should be rebuked, condemned and rejected over its bias stance.

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