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Condemnation of Attacks Upon Peace

Eighty-six innocent peace-loving people have died in two explosions at a peace rally in Turkey's capital, Ankara. And this horrible attack upon those wanting to champion peace over conflict in Turkey must be utterly condemned.

The blasts occurred about 10 this morning Turkish time and the explosions, according to the BBC-News, victimized jubilant peace-expecting Turks, who had gathered two hours before the noon start of a peace rally organized by trade unions and leftists groups in Turkey to call for peace. In recent weeks, Turkey has seen an increase in friction between its government and pro-Kurdish groups. 

The pro-Kurdish HDP was expected to join the rally for peace. The HDP has condemned the attack which it has called a "huge massacre" and it has canceled all election rallies leading up to the November 01, vote in Turkey.

The Associated Press(AP) recently reported the death toll from this morning blasts at 86 up from 30 with another 186 people injured. 

This bloody event in Turkey must be condemned and those guilty must be made to pay the just sentence. To attack those who stand for peace in any society is malicious and non humanitarian. Such attacks could only stoke greater violence and insecurity of which the full effects could not be imagined by the shameful cowardly perpetrators. 

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