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Completion of a Political Revolution - Macron, Women and Freshmen take France's Parliament

The French political revolution 2017 that started with a newcomer, age 39, taking the presidency in May, was completed yesterday, when Emmanuel Macron's new La Republique En Marche (LREM) party, took a clear majority of the seats in the National Assembly, thus handing the new president a clear mandate to social and economic reforms.

Without doubt France has undergone a revolution under Emmanuel Macron, whose political party was virtually unheard of a-year-ago. Not the case today. Riding a wave of change across France that began with Macron's presidency, the LREM have captured 308 of the 577 seats in parliament. Moreover, LREM and its allies, MoDem, now control a mandate-demanding 350-seats in the National Assembly. 

In addition to Macron's sweep of the legislature, three-quarters of the seats in the National Assembly were won by new members, hereby affirming the political revolution that has swept across the cities, towns, farms, communes and hills of France. Also, for the first time ever in France's history, 223-seats in the legislature will now be filled by women - an affirmation of the change voted in by the French people.

While the Center-right Republicans managed 137 seats, the Socialists 44 and the Far Right eight seats, LREM has established a clear governing mandate.

However, although the French people have endorsed a desired need for change, Macron's success will be challenged by how much he tempers much needed economic activity against the sensitivity of social programs and labor unions. The right blend of activity between labor and economic stimuli to off set harsh austerity measures, could catapult France to many years of economic and social prosperity. Vive la France!

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