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Communist China Blocks All Commemorations of 1989

The ruling Communist Party of China has succeeded in blocking, stifling and suppressing any and all commemorations of the 25th anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square Democracy Uprising in which hundreds of Chinese students died at the hands of the Chinese Army. And to underscore that the present government of Xi Jinping shares the same attitude of the said communists 25-years-ago, China's Foreign Ministry on Tuesday defended the 1989 slaughter saying that the government had chosen the correct path for the sake of the people, as reported by Reuters.

The June 3-4, 1989 student demonstrations in Tiananmen Square remain a taboo topic in China - a topic that gets individuals jailed or detained for merely discussing it on social media or in public. In other words, the Beijing communists have decided to erase the event from China's version of history, which is very ironic, as China has called upon Japan on a number of occasions to consider Japanese history as the two feud over the East China Sea. Leading up to this year's 25th anniversary, president Xi's government arrested, detained or forced travel on many Chinese, whom the communists deemed capable of leading possible commemorative rites of the 1989 uprising. Security forces around Beijing outnumbered visitors at Tiananmen Square as anxious communists kept their fingers crossed that no demonstrations would break out.

China's mobilization of its uniformed and plained-clothes security forces to quell any commemorative events across China came as no surprise, for the communists have demonstrated time after time that they will not willingly yield power to the people whom they obviously consider incapable of ruling themselves. Moreover, China's refusal to provide a correct reporting of the 1989 movement, reiterates Beijing's disregard of the international community, yet China is privileged with a permanent seat on the Security Council of the United Nations(UN). Yesterday, UN human rights chief, Navi Pillay called on China to reveal the truth of the 1989 pro-democracy protests as well as to release those detained leading up to the 25th anniversary. The Dalai Lama offered prayers for the protest "martyrs" and called on the communists to embrace democracy.

But China's rulers will never heed those calls voluntarily, rather they will seek to extend their version of China to the World community with little or no regard to international law, organizations and conventions; unless China is the party dictating terms. Earlier today, China rejected the International Court's ruling giving China six-months to respond to a case filed by the Philippines over disputed territorial claims on the South China Sea. China has refused to participate in the arbitration by the International Body, yet it covets its permanent member seat on the UN Security Council. 

China must adapt to international standards and norms; and international standards and norms are to be blocked from bending to appease communist China. Should China be allowed to dictate international standards, world history will be written according to China's perception, and evidence as to China's version is strikingly blank or clouded per communist propaganda.

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