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Comfort and Hope to a People - World Powers and Iran Strike an Accord

World Powers and Iran agreed earlier today in Geneva, Switzerland, on a nuclear deal that would prevent Iran possessing a nuclear weapon, in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions.

While skeptics of Iran and some adamant naysayers might continue to ridicule the deal as a mistake, the crux of international relations and of humanity would have been dealt a travesty of justice had no attempt been made to re-engage the people of a strong culture, back into the fold of the global community. 

One aspect of the accord rings especially good for humanity: young Iranians, average Iranians and those Iranians who aspire to contribute to the further development of the global community, could now find some comfort and hope to rejoining the international community as equal peers.

Moreover, Iranians who have been economically suppressed from 36-years of isolation, could now find relief and hope to better lives. 

Therefore, removing all the politics and the 'isms' of culture from the nuclear deal, the clear winners must be the people of Iran. The artistic, scientific and economic aspirations of the Iranian people hold the key to peace, stability and prosperity in the Middle East. And now they will get a chance to chart a future to peaceful progress.

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