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Climate Change is a Shared Immediate Responsibility of all Nations

As negotiators on climate change are forced into an additional day to make a deal on combating the inevitable effects of man's impact upon the environment, one fact remains resolute beyond the eleventh-hour - climate change is a shared immediate responsibility of all peoples.

So as the negotiators bicker and lament about the dollars and the cents of how or even whether to share the costs of fighting climate change, as cited by the Associated Press(AP), they should agree to reduce man-made carbon emissions immediately and not to vaguely defer the action until the latter half of this century. 

Moreover, the potential liability and compensation for damages and losses from sea level rises because of climate change, cannot be passed onto other nations by victim countries. The responsibility of climate change remains a shared task by all the people. However, some financial incentives and assistance are fitting to poorer nations so that they could make the necessary adjustments to change to cleaner energy.

Furthermore, large developing economies like India and China should not expect to be treated the same as poorer nations of Asia, Africa and Latin America. China has amassed huge wealth while polluting the air over it cities, and it must pay its fair share to bettering the environment. India must make concessions to the aspirations of having cleaner air. 

So, come tomorrow at Paris, France, the nations of the world need to accept the responsibility of a damaged ecosystem and they should agree through binding commitment to fight climate change and not to stall action by deferring true responsibility onto another generation and section of this century. The time for sensible action is neigh.

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