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Civility over Terror - Stand with London to Denounce Terrorism

Today, the free world stands with London to denounce terror, while opting for civility over hatred and terror and in full rejection of yesterday's horror on Westminster Bridge, in the British capital, where an assailant plowed a motor vehicle onto a busy pavement laden with pedestrians, in an assault close to the houses of the British Parliament.

Three innocents and the raged-attacker died in the horror that started on the highly-visited Westminster Bridge, when the attacker, now identified as a British-born citizen, ran down pedestrians before crashing the motor-weapon close to Parliament, where he he continued on foot to stab an unarmed London Metropolitan policeman. Along with the three victims killed, seven people remain hospitalized in critical condition, while another 29 people have been treated for injuries sustained during the attack.

As the terror group, the Islamic State(IS), claimed the attacker as one of their sympathizers, yesterday's attack, ironically, occurred exactly one-year to the date, March 22, 2016, when there were three-coordinated suicide bombings in Brussels, Belgium, two at the airport and one at Maalbeek metro station, attacks also claimed by the IS.

Yet, any feared sophistication used by terrorists appear to be waning suggesting a frustration by extremists to influence or to upset free civil societies. 

So today, as the free world stands against terror with the people of London, yesterday's senseless act of violence upon innocents, should serve as a reminder of some dangers that still lurk within communities. It also underscores the need for greater vigilance as civility continues to trump terror in spite of various agitations.

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