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Civil Actions of Discontent Not Terrorism

When and wherever the emotions of the people do reach a boil in spontaneous reactions to instances of injustice and inequality, then President Donald Trump easily paints a picture alleging such people as being domestic terrorists; something they are certainly not. In contrast when right wing groups across the United States (US) raise their ugly actions against progressive inclusiveness, Trump appears to soften his tone of any criticism of these white supremacy factions.

Therefore, it must be noted that civil actions of discontent are not terrorism. Sporadic and spontaneous bouts of anger perpetuated in response to injustices that may encompass acts of arson or looting are not terrorism. They are social disturbances precipitated by and in reaction to gross injustices. We discourage arson and looting.

Regrettable looting and arson in the wake of events against the already disenfranchised people of the US dating back to the assassination of Civil Rights hero, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr; to recent police slayings of George Floyd and other Black innocents from Missouri, to Wisconsin, to California, to Florida, to Kentucky, to Oregon, to Washington State, to New York and elsewhere, have been mere reactions to greater wrongs - the wrongs of injustice and of inequality. Minus the injustice and minus the inequality, there is is no arson, there is no looting.

So Donald Trump's rash attempts to label civil protests on his watch as domestic terrorism is preposterous and a begging cry to solicit support for his failing re-election campaign. 

Domestic terrorism in America has never taken on the identity or the image of those protesting for social justice and racial equality. Rather, domestic terrorism in the US, as measured from the unfortunate bombing of  the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in April of 1995, and subsequent white supremacy actions from Charlottesville, Virginia to other places, have  mirrored a more likeness of people who might look like Trump and not like the parents and relatives of individuals killed by police.

Discontent is social reaction to a major grievance. No actions to date completed in anger to recent racial grievances equates to domestic terrorism. And for this, the Republic is fortunate.

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