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China's Provocations...Pro Russian Lawlessness

The Communist government of China has moved a deep sea oil drilling rig '981' into Vietnamese waters on the South China Sea. A brazen provocative act. Vietnam has objected and has responded by dispatching vessels to prevent Chinese drilling. China's ships, escorting the oil rig, have rammed and deployed water cannons against the Vietnamese. Thus, with assertive vigor, China has engaged in yet another provocative act against weaker neighbors on the South China Sea - a watery region dotted by many mineral and fisheries rich shoals, of which China claims a gigantic swath that encroaches upon the 200-mile exclusive economic zone of neighbors Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia. China has in the past clashed with both Vietnam and the Philippines in respect to claims on the South China Sea. The aggression China has exacted in its attempted expansion has prompted the Philippines to request help in defending its sovereignty. United States(US) President Barrack Obama recently reassured the Philippines of US defense per treaty.

So, the Communist in Beijing, seeking to maintain a high national spirit at home; and sensing a need to expand the China State organism for fear of contraction, has picked its friend, and at many times, its foe, but fellow communist; Vietnam, upon which to flex its new found economic power, influence and military strength. 

Vietnam finds itself almost helpless. Despite a history of conflict with China for some 1,000 years, Vietnam has stayed closed to its Beijing fellow communist. In recent years, as common Vietnamese sought to raise protest over the China/Vietnam relationship, Hanoi's government has quickly dispersed all dissenters so as to maintain a buddy relationship with China. Now China has unilaterally pounced upon the friendship to satisfy its expansion, Vietnam -  having few or no self defense treaties with other nations, is left at the mercy of China. The US has encouraged the two sides to talk, yet China has initiated a provocative act while Vietnam scrambles for an almost impossible defense. However, in the event China doesn't remove the oil drilling rig; which it will not do voluntarily, Vietnam could join the Philippines in an action before the United Nations Conventions of the Seas. Additionally, Vietnam could request its ASEAN partners to condemn China's actions. ASEAN nations will meet tomorrow and this Chinese action will most likely figure high on the agenda.

Ukraine...Lawless and non coded actions by Pro Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine underscore the instability that Russian menacing has sown across Ukraine. One week ago, pro Russians finally released seven European monitors they had kidnapped for a number of days. Yesterday, they kidnapped seven Red Cross workers, accused them of suspicion of spying, brutally beat one and then released them after seven hours. There are basic civil no-nos in wars and conflicts: monitors, peace keepers and humanitarian providers are off limits to any attacks. But the lawless actions of  pro Russians in Donetsk demonstrate the incivility developing in eastern Ukraine because of Russian meddling. Should matters continue at this rate, even Putin will lose any control or sway he may have over his sympathizers that are implanted in Ukraine. 

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