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China's New Era

China has entered a new era. If any doubts had existed as to this fact, then those suppositions were quickly dispelled by President Xi Jinping, whose vision for China has now been officially cemented into  the social and cultural fabric of the communist nation, right alongside those of the much revered Chairman Mao, founder of the Peoples Republic of China.

At the just completed bi-decade-meeting of the Communist Party Congress in Beijing, which is held to name new leaders to the Politburo, China's political powerhouse, and to put forward new policy for the communists for next five-years, President Xi announced that China has entered a new era of innovation that would "oppose and resist the whole range of erroneous viewpoints," signifying a clear affirmation of continued censorship of the internet and other forms of speech and of expression in China.

Officially called: "Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese characters for a New Era", the president's vision will be implemented and studied across China as political theory and practice.

 Along with innovation, Xi's theory calls for "complete and deep reform"; "new developing ideas"; "harmonious living between man and nature"; "absolute authority of the (communist) party over the people's army"; and "one-country-two systems" among other things.

Xi's thought is geared to China leading the international community "towards a more just and rational new world order". As the BBC-News reported, China could very well be on the way to achieving this goal citing a Pew opinion survey across 37 countries that found more people now trust the Chinese leader to do the right thing, rathan than the present American President.

China's vision is bold. Could censorship and  rights restrictions deprive the communists of success? Only time and fate will tell.

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