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China Picks a 'Nanny' over 'Mr. Pringles' and a 'Judge' to Run Hong Kong

Stalled political reforms in the former British colony of Hong Kong have facilitated the continuity of China's dominance over the island. Chinese influence was underscored earlier this morning as Beijing's choice to lead Hong Kong, Carrie Lam, nicknamed the 'nanny', as she is viewed as a caretaker, was selected by fewer than 1,200 people to become the new chief executive. She served in the number two position as chief secretary for the past five-years.

Selection and election of Hong Kong's chief executive position is not given to the people of Hong Kong for a popular vote, but given to a Beijing-controlled committee of 1,194 people, the BBC-News has reported.

Lam defeated financial secretary, John Tsang, nicknamed 'Mr. Pringles' or 'Uncle-Chips' because of his likeness to the character on a popular chip container, who perhaps would have won a popular vote contest. She also defeated Woo Kwok-hing, nicknamed the 'Judge' because he was a judge.

Democratic reforms to extend government closer to and by the people of Hong Kong, have been slow ever since Britain gave the colony back to communist China in 1997. 

In 2014, democratic reform rallies brought Hong Kong to a standstill, yet, the youthful democracy seekers have had very few of their aspirations to democracy realized under a system deeply controlled by China. China rules Hong Kong under a"one country, two systems" policy. 

Promised political reforms set out in the agreement under which Hong Kong was returned to China, have slowed. Now with another pro-Beijing chief executive in charge of Hong Kong, reforms will not come willingly. The youth of Hong Kong could return to the streets in protests very soon.

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