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China and Russia have again Teamed-up to Deny Justice to the Children of Syria

Both China and Russia, again displaying their deeply bedded marriage and their brazen disregard for justice for Syria's gassed children, have once again vetoed a resolution before the United Nations(UN) to refer Syria to the International Criminal Court. 

This is the fourth time China and Russia, both ripped and afflicted with human rights abuses of their own, have teamed up to render the true  intent and purposes of the United Nations, null and void.

A total of 62-UN member States signed on as co-sponsors of the French-drafted resolution to refer Syria to the International Criminal, but it was vetoed by China and Russia,  who both have veto power before the Security Council.

UN Deputy-Secretary-General Jan Eliasson, as quoted by Reuters, in addressing the Council remarked: "If members of the council continue to be unable to agree on a measure that could provide some accountability for the ongoing crimes, the credibility of this body(the Security Council) and the entire organization(the UN) will continue to suffer."

British Foreign Secretary William Hague said he was appalled by Russia and China's decision to veto the resolution. "Russia and China are isolated on this issue, and they will have to justify to the international community and the Syrian people, why they are continuing to shield those responsible for the most horrific atrocities from justice," Reuters quoted Secretary Hague.

But the crux of China's and Russia's  impediment to justice for the children of Syria,  lays in the fact that,  even though nation states have evolved since the end of World War II, the UN has not evolved in its charter; thus communists and authoritarian states like China and Russia,  still wheel too much influence over the UN within an aspiring and free world. Maybe the actions by China and Russia will provide necessary fuel toward reforms at the international body; and the sooner, the better. 

The Syrian children must have justice. It cannot and must not be allowed to be denied to them. Russia and China must be condemned and they must be held accountable as co-conspirators to the obstruction of justice.

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