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Chaos and Conflict or Civility and Tolerance: a Simple Choice

Discussions, debates, differences and conflicts over geopolitical, extremist, religious and other issues, will continue as societies attempt to establish and to maintain their systems of sovereignty. 

Political and religious ideologies, independence, freedom and extremism, will dominate as major themes of events today and of events on the horizon. In all societies, the simple choice of selecting between chaos and conflict or civility and tolerance, will remain as the defining factor to determine which societies fail or prosper.

A simple choice - yes, but given the nature of humankind, the explicit selection to stability will become marred by convoluted fanatical ideology and by desires to empire-building, dooming some societies to fail barring civil and tolerant intervention by rational states.

So, in the current discussion of rights of speech with regards to the terror events in Paris, France, it must be accepted that France - being free and secular, has adopted freedom over any interference from fanaticism or other sources. Thus, any internal or external extremist actors seeking to change the accepted civility of the French, are to be condemned.

That France, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom(UK), the United States(US) and others, having given sanctuary and tolerance to many peoples in need of refuge, then to fall victim to said peoples or their children, is unacceptable. And to this end, concerted direct actions are merited and acceptable by these stable societies so that they not fall into despair like the failing states of refugees of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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