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Catastrophic Displays of the Wrath of Nature - Lessons for the Future

A recent span of natural disasters ranging from a trifecta of events - an earthquake, a tsunami and a volcano eruption on the same island, in Indonesia, to Hurricanes Florence and Michael in the United States (US), to Typhoon Mangkut in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, to life-taking floods on Spain's Majorca island, to deadly mudslides in Uganda, to more damaging floods in Nigeria and elsewhere and to the transportation crippling storm, Callum, in the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland, are all explicitly indicative of the wrath of nature. 

As the death toll continues to climb into the thousands from these disasters, with the majority of victims falling to the trio of events in Indonesia, the natural environment has clearly displayed aspects of its catastrophic possibilities that threatened to become more widespread because of the effects of climate change.

However, humankind, amid all the "unimaginable destruction" brought to wrought by these natural disasters, could benefit in the long run from these catastrophic events.

Given the established science that climate change is real and exercising its impact upon the human species everyday, humanity could use these natural disasters as a benchmark to first accept and implement plans to combat climate change. Second, humanity could now improve building codes to cope with future events. Third, humanity could accept the fact that building along the coast and in flood-prone zones represent a clear and present danger to residents within such areas.

The lessons taught by recent catastrophic displays from nature are to be heeded. Disasters will continue. Rebuilding in the same place, form and manner as before would be idiotic. People must be relocated from prone disaster zones.

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