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Catalonia Declares Independence from Spain - Spain Votes for Direct Rule of Catalonia

In a deepening constitutional and sovereignty crisis in Spain, Catalonia today declared independence from Spain, then the Spanish central government in Madrid, via its Senate, voted to impose direct rule over the northeastern region that encompasses Barcelona.

Such are the developing constitutional and sovereign crises on the Iberian peninsula. 

On October 1, this year, Catalonia, one of the 17 autonomous regions of Spain, its wealthiest, approved an independence referendum by a whopping 90 percent of the 43 percent of registered voters who took part in the vote. The Catalan parliament later tabled the independence declaration pending negotiations with the central government in Madrid. Any held negotiations appeared fruitless as the Spanish Supreme Court ruled the independence referendum unconstitutional.

Madrid threatened the Barcelona region with direct rule per Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution, which appears to give absolute power to the Madrid government to direct rule over any of the 17 autonomous regions. 

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy last week proposed per Article 155, the suspension of Catalan President Carles Puigdemont, his Vice-President and other ministers of the Catalan government. The invocation of Article 155 required a majority vote of the Senate in Madrid. Catalan vowed not to bow to Madrid's repression.

Today, the Catalan Parliament by a vote in the 135-member chamber, finally declared independence with 70-members supporting the declaration, 10-voting against it and with two-abstentions, the BBC-News reported. Catalan's opposition boycotted the independence declaration.

After the Catalan declaration, Rajoy called for calm as he promised to "restore legality" to Catalonia. Madrid's Senate then approved the invocation of Article 155 giving the Spanish central government sweeping emergency powers for direct rule over Catalonia.

Therefore, constitutional and sovereign crises have happened upon the plains of Spain and Catalonia. That Catalonia declared independence before the invoking of Article 155 now amount to Spain invading a sovereign Republic? How could Catalans secure any likelihood to sovereignty when they could not protect their own people from the clubs of the central police at the October 1 vote?

If Catalans could safely secure their governmental institutions from Madrid, then they have a chance to sovereignty. However, the strength and might of Madrid that once created a deadly empire across the globe, could easily crush Catalonia back into the fold of Madrid's central government.

Good luck to all Catalans -  your desires have been witnessed worldwide. Your will is now known. May you now find the way to protecting your persons and your desires.

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