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Calm Communication

As reported by CNN, Friday, July 12th., 2013, the US State Department has rightfully called upon the Egyptian regime to  release from detention  Morsy and members of the Muslim Brotherhood. CNN quoted State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki as categorizing the detentions as "politically motivated".

It is paramount that the Egyptian Military heed this call. The regime must understand that the stage upon which they are acting is not a hidden deserted non-strategic enclave, but a Global arena where any actions taken could easily transcend across the deserts and canals kindling instability in a region where peace building remains in a delicate balance.

The Egyptian Military would be foolish to assume that the World will sit idly-by and allow them to reverse years of progress and work  built by the likes of Sadat-Begin and re-emphasized by others.  Peace, stability, nation-building and democracy are the tenets of progress and development - unfathomed detentions are not.

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