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Buying Time - Immersed in the Unknown - Under the Humbling Impact of COVID-19

My two younger sons, along with millions of other students in the United States (US) and across the globe, including Canada, the United Kingdom (UK), the European Union (EU), China and elsewhere, remain out of school and many have been scheduled into distance-learning for the first time ever because of stay-at-home orders across multiple communities to wrestle the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Parents are working from home, or sadly laid off from work because of COVID-19. Supermarkets remain under stocked. Restaurants, and a vast retreat for many, bars, are also closed. Financial markets are volatile as worldwide inflictions from COVID-19 soar toward 400,000 with the consumption of too many lives. Some decision makers in Europe and North America are quarantined because of COVID-19, thus confirming the humbling impact the Novel Coronavirus is exacting upon jurisdictions. 

In essence, humanity has been forced into a condition of buying time - yes buying time, or simply immersed in awaiting the unknown of how adverse COVID-19 effects will be and how long the pathogen will stay around. 

One surety is that COVID-19 has exposed humanity's humbling subjection to the viral pandemic. Here in the US, increasing cases of COVID-19 victims have spiraled to 43,925 in less than two weeks with 547 deaths, worldwide infections stand at 395,647 with a stark 17,241 deaths.

Time is both a scientific variable and a constant that is not subjective to any elements, yet all elements are subjected to time. Therefore, in respect to COVID-19, to protect our families and communities, we should continue to follow the guidance of health care experts in practicing responsible hygiene and safe actions as we buy time awaiting the abatement of COVID-19.

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