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Bruised Faith and Spirits - Lingering Effects of Decision 2016

How do you mend bruised faith and spirits that have been twisted and churned from a surprising election result? How do you continue to trust, to promote and to value a system that is flawed? How can you criticize other fallible systems of elections when yours denies winning to the majority vote-getter? Is majority rule a farce design to further dupe developed and developing states?

Many families, friends, associates and neighbors  have suffered bruised faiths and spirits from the surprising results of the 2016 United States(US) Presidential Election. Though it is rumored that time heals all wounds, I'm not sure whether or not enough time could ever past quick enough to bring back any normalcy to the desired and trusted system of democratic elections. Maybe China has been right all these years and everybody else have been wrong?

While our children have grudgingly accepted as possible that that not expected or desired could become reality, many adults are having a difficult time adapting to the jolting results of November 8, 2016.

The effects of decision 2016 will last a long time. Beliefs will change. Democracy has become weakened. And with regards to years 2017, 2018 and 2019, predictions are clouded at this time. However, one thing stands ascertained, there will be another vote in 2020. Have faith, Amen.

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