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Brexit - To Accept a Cast into the Unknown

There have been no celebrations of any epic proportions to celebrate the exit camp's victory to pull Great Britain out of the European Union(EU) nor to celebrate a new "independence day". Rather, there appear to be a stunned aftershock of the actions taken by the majority in Great Britain to vote to leave the large economic pact.

Whatever the after effects, voters of the United Kingdom(UK) have committed the nation to face an unknown and uncharted future outside of one of the most trading blocks on earth. The mornings and days following the referendum to exit the EU have obviously filled Brits with reflection and awe as to the decision by the 52 percent majority to leave the EU.

Media reports have confirmed record Google searches in Great Britain of the EU after the vote, thus inferring that many Brits might have voted to leave an economic union they never knew. Hence, credence has now been given to a new petition in Great Britain that targets a long-shot chance to perhaps force a second vote on the referendum to leave or to stay in the EU.

Of the demographic groups, 18-24 voted 73 percent to 27 percent to stay in the EU; 25-34 voted 62 percent to 38 percent to stay; and 35-44 voted 52 percent to 48 percent to stay. The fact that the youngest demographics voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU, while the oldest demographics voted to leave, suggests that the future generations of leaders of Great Britain have been denied their aspirations within the EU. 

Yet, the votes have been counted in the referendum and England has decided to leave the EU and the nation must now accept all the ensuing consequences that come with self-casting into the unknown.

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