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Brexit - a Victory for Politicians with Non-Regional Agendas

Nigel Farage, a Member of the European Parliament for South East England and an extraordinary supporter of the United Kingdom(UK) leaving the European Union(EU), spoke before the European Parliament earlier today. His address to the continental body underscored the confusion some Brits, vulnerable to information from politicians with determined non-regional agendas, might have had in voting to exit the EU.

Farage, who has been a member of the European Parliament since 1999, taunted the body of laughs he received 17 years ago when he said the UK would leave. He said the body today wasn't laughing. His comments were true. The European Parliament didn't laugh at the British people nor the vote to leave the EU. The members laughed at Farage's claim: "you need us more than we need you".

While European Council President Jean-Claude Juncker questioned why Farage was even at the meeting seeing that he wanted to leave the EU so badly, the true agenda of Farage, who has repeatedly sought and won re-election to the European Parliament, emerges. Farage and other politicians wanted the UK's divorce from the EU. They have attained that. The British people continuously elected Farage to a body he despised and wanted to dissolve, thus the British result to leave the EU should stand and the ensuing consequences experienced.

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