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Brexit - a New Independence for England, or a Constriction of Influence?

Now that the British people have shocked the world  and financial markets with their decision yesterday at referendum to exit the European Union(EU), a question now arises as to whether or not the nationalistic stand by voters amount to a new independence for England, as has been hinted by a leave proponent, or whether or not the vote affirms a wider constriction of British influence since the bygone days of empire?

A new independence or not, a constriction of influence or not, the British people have had they say and the decision by the majority of the electorate must be respected. Yet, there is profound interest as to what path Great Britain will take forward from here after voting to leave the behemoth EU trading bloc.  

Prime Minister David Cameron, the chief advocate for Great Britain to stay in the EU, has already announced that he will resign as PM, while leave proponent Nigel Farage, has declared a new "independence day" since the leave vote garnished 51.9 percent to the stay 48.1 percent in the referendum.

The United Kingdom that once boasted an empire upon which the sun never sets is clearly in decline. The depth of the UK's decline could be clearly mark should Scotland demand and gain an exit from the UK. A further contraction of the UK could see Northern Ireland demanding independence.

However, for today, June 24, 2016, one day after the historic vote taken by Great Britain to leave the EU, England's accomplishment must be accepted as a new "independence day".

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