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Brexit - a Decision Made on Incomplete or Misinformation?

Evidence is surfacing which suggests that many voters in Great Britain voted to leave the European Union(EU) on incomplete or misinformation. Hence, some form or recourse could be in order to remedy the recent rush to judgment for an exit from the EU.

A report in the Washington Post yesterday offers more than sufficient evidence to infer that some Brits didn't have a darn clue as to what they were really voting against. The Washington Post article, written by Rick Noack, focused on the debacle of the county of non-wealthy, Cornwall, where 56 percent of residents voted to leave the EU in spite of the fact that EU subsidies totaling $82 million yearly for the past decade have been the bread and butter to Cornwall's infrastructure and educational programs funding.

Yet, Cornwall voted to leave the EU, apparently oblivious to that fact, now its leaders are scrambling to take urgent steps to secure such funding from the government of the United Kingdom(UK). A wishful council leader, John Pollard said: "We will be insisting that Cornwall receives investment equal to that produced by the EU program."

Maybe Pollard and Cornwall could have gained such guarantees before voting to end their much needed funding by pushing the UK out of the EU. However, maybe there could be a recourse for Cornwall and others that have allowed nationalism and opposition to immigration to cloud their decision making processes in voting the UK out of the EU.

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