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Born into War - Will Peace Ever Come to Syria's Children?

Imagine being born into a world of perpetual war at your doorstep...imagine living under constant events of air strikes, bombs and chemical gas attacks...imagine being starved of basic food and medical necessities...imagine 500,000 people dying before your eyes...imagine an outside world being aware of your suffering but doing nothing to end it, and with a little empathy, imagine the hopelessness, fear and despair of the witnesses to such atrocities. 

While this might just be an imagination for many of us, it is the stark deadly reality of the Syrian people, especially of the Syrian children. 

Syrian children -  seven-years of age, and those younger, some one-million of them, have known war all of their short tender innocent lives. 

The war, perpetuated upon Syrians by Bashar al Assad, has lasted seven years so far and shows no signs of ending. Today, March 17, 2018, marks the second-day of the eighth-year of the Syrian war, which started on March 15, 2011. World War I lasted four-years; World War II lasted six-years, yet Syrian children continue to die into an eighth-year as an international community is rendered impotent to bring relief and comfort to the Syrian people.

Peace must be demanded in Syria. Russia's support to Assad should be challenged and he and his executioners must be held accountable for crimes against humanity. 

Once concerted and credible justice is served in Syria, only then could Syria begin its long healing process of its people, children and culture.

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