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Bordering on Sedition - Desperate Attempts to Alter Democracy, by Peter Boyce

The pressures and stresses placed upon American democracy by outgoing United States (US) President Donald Trump in his vulgar attempts to cling to power against the reality of his blatant defeat in the 2020 Presidential Elections to President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-Prsident-elect Kamala Harris, are all bodering on sedition. 

Trump's pressures upon state executives from Georgia, to Pennsylvania, to Arizona and elsewhere to change the will of the American people at the polls, are all bodering on sedition. Moreover, his solicitation of Congress members to support his non-democratic claims as well as their complicit actions to attempt to derail the tenets of the American Constitution can be all construed as amok of the principles of democracy.

Donald Trump lost the elections. He must vacate the White House by noon on January 20, 2021 to face whatever fate he has brought upon himself, his family and his co-conspirators. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris must be sworn as the leaders of the free world on January 20 without any of the seditious actions Trump has perpetrated.

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