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Bombings in Brussels - Evidence of an Enemy Still Lurking Within

Bombings earlier this morning in Brussels, Belgium, have claimed 28 lives thus far at the airport and at a metro train station close to the institutions of the European Union(EU). Injuries could run in the hundreds. These attacks underscore the fateful realization that Belgium is fighting an enemy that still lurks within its borders and an enemy that has now transcended the borders of the continent having scarred Paris, France, last year.

Authorities have closed all subways in Brussels and the city is on lock down since smoke was detected close to the headquarters of the EU. Reports have revealed a series of at least two explosions about 8:55 a.m. at the departure terminal at the airport in Brussels. Those explosions were accompanied by an attack on a subway station under the European Parliament. Many injuries have been recorded. The attacks were reportedly carried out by suicide bombers.

These explosions in Brussels come just days after last November's Paris attack suspect, Salah Abdeslam, was arrested after evading a European law enforcement dragnet for four months. Following his arrest, Belgium authorities said they believed Salah was plotting more acts. Yet, today's attacks on Belgium are stark and violent signifying that a few dangerous residents of that city are intent on doing harm to a city that has housed them in safety.

France in response to the events in Belgium has reinforced its borders and transportation installations and hubs. Much of Europe is expected to heighten security at airports, at borders and at transportation hubs.

Once again, and once again too often, the serenity of a free nation and that of a free people, has been churned by individuals or by a group attempting to disrupt the peace and the order of civil society in a vile aim to create the wastelands of places of war and strife in the east. These vile objectives must be denied at all costs.

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