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Blood over Land in Gaza - Palestinians Die at Protest

Palestinians are observing a day of mourning today following yesterday's killing of at least 17 by Israeli forces as Palestinians protested for a return to lands lost to Israel at its founding in 1948.

Another 1,400 Palestinians were injured during the "Great March of Return" near the Gaza border with Israel. The protest is expected to last six-weeks. 

More than 30,000 Palestinians participated in yesterday's march, which according to BBC-News reports, is aimed to assert what Palestinians regard as their right to return to towns and villages from which their families fled, or were driven out, when the state of Israel was founded in 1948.

After an emergency session at the United Nations (UN) Security Council (SC), the council condemned the violence in Gaza and called for an independent inquiry into the killing of the Palestinians - the most witnessed since the Gaza-Israeli war of 2014.

Palestinian-Israeli relations are not good, very much the same they have been for decades. Therefore, more Palestinian casualties could be expected as the "Great March of Return" continues into April and into May amid a tough hardline taken by Israel per any Palestinian approaches to border fences set up by Israel.

Moreover, the Palestinian-Israeli affair epitomizes the existence of non-rectified historical grievances that will continue to yield violence and instability until they are solved to the satisfaction of the involved parties.

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