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Blood in the Nile River - a Blatant Attack upon Democracy and Nobody is Helping

Like the manifestations for democracy and for freedom by youth from Ukraine, to Syria, to Hong Kong, to Algeria and elsewhere, the Sudanese young people have made a similar bid. But just as the world has turned its back upon the many recent democracy seekers, it is doing the same in Sudan as the military there cracks down upon dreamers of liberty littering the Nile River with their bodies - over 40 of them.

This year, the Sudanese people appeared to be well on the way to a reformed democratic government with lofty aspirations to a possible rule of law upon the ousting of the long-term dictator president. But the Sudanese military stepped in and claimed the power to rule for a considerable length of time without new elections. 

Sudanese youth stood in opposition to the military transition that threatened a deferment of the people's ambitions to democracy. Young Sudanese occupied a square in front of the military headquarters since April 6, 2019 - days before Omar al-Bashir, who had ruled for 30-years, was overthrown, the BBC-News reported.

Talks between the opposition and military rulers broke down on Tuesday and today, according to media reports, the military has dealt a very heavy and bloody death to youthful demonstrators for democracy. Some 100 innocents have been killed by special forces associated with the military. The military assaulted the demonstrators occupying the square.

Of those martyred, 40 of their corpses were dumped into the Nile River and according to reports quoting medical teams in the capital Khartoum, another 60 bodies were left on dry land.

Though the BBC-News African editor, Fergal Keane, reports that:"Sudan's military has faced international condemnation for its attack..." again that's all talk. Like the international failure to rally and to take actions to support democracy seekers in Ukraine, in Hong Kong, in Algeria, in Syria and elsewhere, not one nation has yet taken any real action in support and in defense of the Sudanese youth and their aspirations for democracy and for freedom.

Sadly, today's blood in the Nile river and the affairs of Sudan, do represent a blatant attack upon democracy. Moreover, theses events affirm that democracy is in decline since its once stalwart standard-bearers have failed to exhibit a will to support the political ideology once tooted, packaged and sold to youth and developing nations in the era of the Cold War.

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