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Beyond Donald Trump - Recovering Democracy in the United States and Abroad, by Peter Boyce

With the second unprecedented trial of a twice-impeached Donald Trump now over and with the political acquittal of the former poresident, the new President, Joe Biden, and his new administration, in Washington, DC, should now at Godspeed move forward to the full and quick recovery of democracy in America and abroad.

That 57 of 100 Senators in the Congress voted to convict Trump for enciting the violent insurrection upon the United States (US) Capitol, January 6, 2021, and although the number was short of the 67 two-thirds majority needed to convict Trump, the 57 Senators were successful in forver etching into the annuals of time a simple majority blame and responsibility unto Donald Trump for the violent insurrection upon the hallowed house of the people - the National Legislature, the Congress.

Recovering democracy in America could witness the assigning of other means of inquiries and findings to ensuring there is no impunity to the deliberate assault upon the institutions of the people, the Republic and democracy in general. Moreover, democratic recovery in the US could also witness greater efforts to defeating the COVID-19 pandemic and the saving of many American lives, along with a final roll out and successful passage of the $1.9 trillion economic stimulus legislation needed to greenlight America's economy and to provide relief to its people.

And internationally, one of the actions to affirming the recovery of democracy could entail actions to promote the return to democracy in Myanmar in light of the military coup, which threatens to set back the progress accomplished by the Buremese people in recent years.

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