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Besieged and Starved by Assad's War, some Syrian Children will Eat Tonight

Tonight in Madaya, Syria, thousands of besieged civilians -  including children and the elderly, will be able to eat a meal and to sleep wrapped in the warmth of a blanket, thanks to the efforts of humanitarians - the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Red Crescent, the United Nations and the World Food Program. 

Madaya, just 15-miles northwest of Damascus, and even closer to the Lebanese border,  has been under siege by Bashar al Assad's forces since last July. Starvation had been ravishing the town while humanitarian agencies pleaded and bargained with the Assad regime to allow aid to the starving and dying. 

Finally, earlier today, and after 28 people - including six children died from starvation in the town since December 1, 44 trucks, according to the BBC-News, departed Damascus carrying enough food to feed 40, 000 people for a month. The trucks, also laden with blankets and medicines, were allowed to go to Madaya after the Assad regime made relief to Madaya contingent upon humanitarians providing assistance to the rebel besieged villages of Foah and Kefraya, in northern Idlib province. Humanitarians also dispatched 21 trucks of aid to the two villages earlier today.

In relief, Madaya will eat and sleep in some comfort tonight. Yet, the humanitarian mission to provide solace to those suffering in Syria,  reveals more of the gross effects of the Syrian war while underscoring the mounting atrocities committed by the Assad regime and affirming the necessity to end the conflict and Assad's reign in the Levant.

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