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Beijing Intervention in Hong Kong to Bar Independence Lawmakers from Parliament

The communists in Beijing, China, have made an unprecedented intervention in Hong Kong to prevent two pro-Independence lawmakers, who won elections in Hong Kong, from taking seats in the island's parliament.

As first reported by the BBC-News earlier today, Beijing has interpreted and has ruled that the refusal by two Hong Kong lawmakers, Yau Wai-ching and Sixtus Leung, to pledge allegiance to Beijing while taking the oath of office, is enough to bar them from sitting in parliament. Thus two lawmakers are barred from parliament by a decision passed down in Beijing.

The young lawmakers of ages 25 and 30 are part of a youthful independence group in Hong Kong who support full independence from China. They were elected in September and have attempted to take their oaths of office a number of times, but changed the wording of the oath so as not to pledge allegiance to Beijing. China has controlled over Hong Kong under a "one-country two-systems" operation.

However, an independence movement has been blossoming in Hong Kong in recent years. Supposed freedoms granted to Hong Kong under an agreement between Beijing and London that gave the territory back to China 20 years ago, remain questionable in Hong Kong today.

Now, the youthful independence seekers in Hong Kong will face an even steeper uphill battle to break from China given the prevailing political atmosphere in Beijing. Moreover, international support appears lackluster for the rights of Hong Kongers to have the freedoms promised under the British agreement to give Hong Kong to China, instead of granting the island independence. What redress is left to the youth of Hong Kong? Who will assist them in their stance against behemoth China?

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