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..."Be Not Always"

The late pop music superstar Michael Jackson had a number of mega-hits in his lifetime - from "Ben" to "Thriller" to "Beat It" among many others. Yet, today, taking into account the conflict in Syria and uncertainties in the United States(US), the United Kingdom(UK), Italy and other places, a not too popular song of Jackson's comes to mind - "Be Not Always".

In the melancholy song, which happens to be my most favored  Jackson hit, the superstar encouraged us "...please be not always...bow our heads in shame...bow our heads in blame 'cause time has made promises, just promises."

With respect to the child victims of conflicts, I've always related the following verse of Jackson's song: "Faces, did you see their faces, did they touch you, have you felt such pain - to have nothing, then lose hoping, is not life but lame? But time has made promises, just promises."

Michael Jackson further observed: "Mothers cry, babes die, helplessly in arms, while rockets fly and research lies in progress to become, but what of men, of flesh and blood - we turn our backs on life, how can we claim to stand for peace, when the races are in strife - destroying life."

He concluded: "...'cause time, time has made promises - death promises." Michael Jackson's "Be not always" should remind humanity to examine and of the consequences of  the state of affairs everywhere.

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