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Bashar al Assad's Big Laugh in Syria Propped up by Russia

That one man and his regime have been able to perpetuate a war that has killed over 250,000 people - including civilians, women and hundreds of children; displaced millions of Syrians -  sending tens of thousands as refugees to foreign shores to destabilize other nations; and above all, have used gas and chemicals in attacks that have killed children, is beyond preposterous. That this said man and his regime still rule today with military assistance from Russia, is the greatest failing of humanity since the atrocities of the Nazis.

Bashar al Assad must be enjoying a big laugh with regards to humanity and in respect of civilization, for to have done what he and his regime have done, and still manage to retain power with military support from Russia, has to be a feat that only sheer evil could have accomplished upon the failing of the international community to bring relief to the Syrian people.

Bashar al Assad's existence is a mockery of humanity and of modern civilization. And the free world must be ashamed for not dislodging him from the Levant after fours years of raw hell to millions of human beings. From his palaces of comfort in Syria, Assad has been able to effect the stability of nations from Turkey, to Lebanon, to Jordan, to Iraq, to Hungary, to Croatia, to Austria, to Germany, to France, to Great Britain, to the United States and beyond.

Yet, diplomats convene helplessly in New York, Geneva and Brussels impotent to stopping the destabilizing effects of Bashar al Assad's war, which stands to have an even more destabilizing effect now that Russia has entered Syria to shore up Assad and his regime. It's an abomination of the state of humanity.

In the mean time, young Western and Arab men and women are being jailed for attempting to travel to the Levant to fight against Assad. Though the youth might have been duped by the fallible ideology of the Islamic States(IS), their desires, if channeled by the tenets of human rights and liberty, should account for some leniency during the mitigation of their individual cases. Why should they be jailed as Bashar al Assad enjoys the grapes of the Middle East?

Bashar al Assad's laugh must come to an end. Any delay to wiping the smirk from his brow will radicalize even more youth and destabilize even more nations in the mean time.

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