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Baltimore's Calm - A Resolve to Answers

The sun rose with a crisp pristine yellow hue across a calm Baltimore City, Maryland, this morning. And in the early hours of quiet following a tense time of peaceful protests, illegal looting and burning; the hovering atmosphere seem to usher in a pause of hostilities and a solemn time of wait- and- see, as the City awaits needed answers to questions of police actions, not only with regards to Freddie Gray's death, but also answers demanding a comprehensive accounting and review of police treatment toward minorities across Baltimore and the United States(US).

Whether or not National Guard deployments and an imposed overnight curfew were the main factors attributing to Baltimore's calm, that some ease has come over the city, is a testament to the resolve of the residents of Baltimore to protect their beloved city. 

Thus, until a true justifiable accounting of the chain of events leading to the death of Freddie Gray are offered and accepted by the Baltimore community, and until overall police policy toward minorities is addressed, Baltimore's and America's social and race relations could suffer more embarrassing events.

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