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Baltimore's Answers to Police Actions Hold National Ramifications

Whereas investigators have turned over a report on the arrest and death of Freddie Gray to the State Prosecutor in Maryland, the answers and the courses of action Baltimore takes to reconciliation between law enforcement and the community, will hold national ramifications with a view to improving and equalizing police behavior to all the people.

Baltimore has been placed into a unique position as holding the key to answers that could better the eroded relationship between minorities and police. With a minority Mayor and a minority State Prosecutor, the coordinated legal and just decisions by the city leaders of Baltimore must produce results that will satisfy the people while ushering a period of calm, of peace, of strong community spirit and of unwavering equal protection under the law and toward the negation of ever needing to deploy troops in any of the cities across America.

Yet, the success of Baltimore's answers and decisions to the national problem of unfair police practices toward minorities, rests squarely on whether or not they are accepted by the community as fair and just. 

Hence, the young State Prosecutor in Baltimore, Marilyn Mosby,  must tread carefully and skillfully to ensure that justice is rendered to Freddie Gray's family and that those responsible for his death are held accountable.

Should Baltimore be able achieve this balance of justice, the city of Thurgood Marshall will be able to resurrect the needed trust, cooperation and relationship between community and law enforcement that will serve as a national model to America.

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