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Baby Boy "M" is Freed of Attempted Murder

A  judge earlier today threw out an attempted murder charge against a nine-month-old Pakistani boy. One week-ago, Baby Boy "M" cried from his grandfather's arms as he was processed, fingerprinted and charged with attempted murder along with his whole family, for allegedly stoning a gas official who attempted to shut off the family's gas supply. Pakistan authorities claim the official suffered head injuries that merited the charges brought. After much out pouring that shed light upon Pakistan's dysfunctional judicial system, Baby Boy "M", as reported by Reuters, appeared in a Lahore court earlier today sitting on his grandfather's lap and drinking from a bottle of milk, as the court dismissed the charges against the infant. But the charges still remain against his grandfather and his three sons. On April 5, on this Blog entitled: Wanted: More Civility, I wrote about this child to highlight how backward some places remain in this forward dynamic world. Many places still have dysfunctional judicial systems that need  reforms. The recent case in China of activist, Xu Zhiyong, is another fitting example of bad laws and bad judicial systems in need of repair. That anyone could go to jail for asking that officials disclose their assets, and for advocating that children be educated in the cities of their parents' work, is preposterous. As our business and governmental dealings become intertwine with these nations, it is paramount that we continue to call upon China, Pakistan etal to bring their systems of justice up to civil 21st century standards.

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