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Awaiting Immigration Reform

The word came down early this afternoon that the Immigration Reform Rally that had been planned for May 2, at the US Capitol, has been canceled. No reason has yet been given, but I could feel skepticism beginning to take hold with regards to any soon fix to the immigration question. Those close to me could testify that I am the staunchest supporter of Immigration Reform, but at this stage; I question,  should we shelve what's been offered? I submit that this matter could best be resolved in a Democrat majority House of Representatives. 

To this end, I say we suck it up and concentrate on the 2014 Congressional races. This present Republican control House of Representatives will impede as much as they can of President Obama's agenda. I believe the only way we can give this President the opportunity to make a mark on the free World as we know it, is to render onto him a Democratic Majority in the House of Representatives. Discuss and consider as you may

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