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At Last, Some Comfort to the Rohingya People, If Only Temporary

Finally, after being declared stateless in their nation, persecuted and attacked in their homes, only to be abandoned  thirsty, hungry and sick on a desperate voyage to solace; some measure of comfort has now come to the Rohingya people of Myanmar, as Indonesia and Malaysia have agreed to house some 7,000 of the refugees, drifting hopelessly on the Andaman Sea, in search of a home.

Thousands of Rohingya people refugees and Bangladeshi migrants have been adrift on the seas of Asia seeking refuge. Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand - all, denied them haven. The United Nations(UN) and others condemned the actions of the ASEAN nations. They were urged to honor the humanitarian covenant of empathy to the less fortunate "Sea People." 

After much criticisms, Indonesia and Malaysia earlier today relented upon their stone-cold policy of entry denial to the haggard refugees and have now agreed to allow them temporary shelter. Yet, the diplomatic agreement by Indonesia and Malaysia is not open-ended. They have offered refugee to the some 7,000 people adrift on the sea in rickety boats and they have made it clear, according to Reuters, that they would take no more. Moreover, both countries have emphasized the fact that once the refugees come on shore, the international community would also have a responsibility to help them deal with the humanitarian crisis.

However, while Indonesia and Malaysia have to a certain point agreed to honor the humanitarian covenant, Thailand remains uncommitted to playing a helpful role in this service to humanity. Yet, it is forging ahead with a May 29 summit slated for that country, to discuss the humanitarian crisis.

So thanks to a turn of heart, even if temporary, by Indonesia and Malaysia, some measure of comfort and of hope, has come to the stateless Rohingya people; and should the international community be able to stem the humanitarian dilemma of these and other displaced persons, maybe, just maybe, a greater degree of global stability could be realized. 

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