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Assad Wins - Humanity Loses in Syria

Statements yesterday by the United States(US) ambassador to the United Nations(UN), Nikki Haley, have confirmed that Bashar al Assad - the slaughtered of women and children, purveyor of chemical weapons upon the Syrian people and instigator of crimes against humanity, has won the Syrian civil war. With Assad's win, humanity henceforth, has lost.

According to reports by the BBC-News, Ambassador Haley confirmed that the US is no longer prioritizing the removal of the Syrian leader. "...we can't necessarily focus on Assad the way the previous administration did," she said. Under the Barack Obama administration, efforts were made to remove Assad from power and to effect justice for the Syrian people for the killing of children, the use of barrel bombs and the use of chemical weapons that killed many Syrian children.

However, with the new Donald Trump administration in control of the pursuit of justice as a historic leader of human rights, freedom, democracy and the rule of law, "Our priority is no longer to sit there and focus on getting Assad out," Haley confirmed, "Our priority is to really look at how do we get things done, who do we need to work with to really make a difference for the people in Syria," the BBC-News cited the ambassador as saying.

Thus, as Trump has vowed to work more closely with Russia, which supports and props up the Syrian regime, Assad appears to be off the hook for war crimes. His retention in Damascus represents a victory for tyranny and a defeat for humanity, justice, freedom and rule of law.

However, and just maybe, the UN, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy or some other influential organization or nation state, could develop and insist upon a mechanism whereby Bashar al Assad is still made to be held accountable for crimes against the people and the children of Syria.

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